If you're hoping to grab a self-loading concrete mixer truck, then you should consider the specifications of the truck carefully before you purchase.

Self-loading concrete mixers are a fantastic all-in-one option for construction firms that want a reliable supply of quality, well mixed concrete, and never have to be worried about serving the mixer throughout the day.  The self-loading design ensures that you could put in place the mixer, and after that just forget about it aside from to make sure there are actually enough materials for this to work with.

Self-loaders needs to have a powerful engine that you can use to transport the engine - most of them have power steering, which happens to be incredibly useful for getting the mixer round the work site.

3m³ self loading concrete mixer

They must have a powerful mixer, since the stone, aggregate, cement and water you need to make your concrete mix could get incredibly heavy.

There are some compact models available - they are handy for taking care of smaller sites, because they can be driven into areas whre there is limited clearance, and they will not use up plenty of space on the webpage.  When it comes to pricing, the machines can be relatively expensive compared to a static mixer that you just load for your self, however they are worth the investment.

You can purchase concrete mixers outright, or rent them every day, or throughout the work. This is usually a good option for smaller companies which are not yet ready to buy heavy machinery on their own. It is often worthwhile to pay a bit funds on a mixer that you just buy used - since these machines may last for many years, as well as the efficiency savings of experiencing a self loading mixer is likely to make your crew far more productive in the long run. In addition self loading mixer, SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer is also efficient mixer, you can look here.


Consider the type of concrete you are dealing with, together with the additives that you are using, and the way fluid the concrete must be for the task at hand.  Different pumps are prepared for different mixes, as well as the wrong pump could find it difficult to pump, or could get clogged.

There are many different makes of concrete mixer out there - there are some high quality, US-made brands available, and there are a variety of Chinese companies that make more cost-effective mixers as well.

If you are purchasing a concrete mixer, be sure that you pick an issue that will suite the type of site that you work with - what this means is really not a mixer that is heasy to position, but additionally a thing that will enable you to position the boom where you need it, so that your mixed concrete might be pumpd directly to the correct place.  Consider how much work the mixer will have to do too. A compact pump will struggle to provide you with the cubic yardage that you have to remain productive on the site. An overly large mixer, however, may produce too much waste. Visit this website: http://aimixgroup.com/, you will find much more effective concrete machines.

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