Concrete mixer trucks for sale are the trucks you can see with huge round compartments at the back. Those compartments are utilized to mix concrete that is needed for construction projects and are usually already stuffed with concrete.

Concrete mixer trucks can produce, store, and discharge many types and grades of concrete over different heights. They vary in weight capacity and output volume. It could depend upon what type and measurements of your construction project.

There are numerous kinds, sizes, and categories of concrete mixer trucks with each having their own personal specific purposes and suitable projects.

concrete mixer truck

•Standard Transit Concrete Truck

The regular transit concrete truck is easily the most basic form of mixer truck. It can be employed for mixing and delivering concrete into construction sites where huge volumes of concrete mixture are needed. There are many sizes available for standard transit concrete trucks, which ranges from 2 to 10 cubic meters of concrete output. A typical concrete truck is the most affordable mixer concrete truck, and yes it receives the task finished.

•Rough Terrain Concrete Truck

Rough Terrain Concrete Trucks are created especially to stand up to rough roads and terrains. These trucks are made to maneuver in steep climbs while keeping your concrete mixture safe–it never spills concrete. Rough terrain concrete trucks are have 4x4 wheels, and so are self-loading. They are able to load, mix, make, and release concrete over 100 cubic meters. Most rough terrain concrete trucks have electronic weigh batching equipment, which manages producing mixture in a more precise manner. Do you want to know self loading mixer? see this page:

self loading concrete mixer truck

•Volumetric Concrete Truck

Volumetric Concrete Mixer Trucks have compartments that will store raw materials and components used to make concrete including gravel, sand, and cement. Whenever concrete is necessary to be produced, volumetric trucks can load materials and mix automatically. Besides the time saved on loading and manually mixing cement, you also get to reduce the raw materials since there are minimal to no wastage. Volumetric concrete mixer trucks are the most cost-efficient concrete truck you could have for your construction business, however, it tends to be more pricey than standard concrete trucks.

Concrete mixer trucks usually cover anything from $8,000 up to $80,000 or higher. Which explains why purchasing a concrete mixer truck is a major investment. But choosing a professional mixer truck company is the first thing you should do. You can find standard concrete mixers which have stands and are portable and may also finish a little construction project, so you may also want to take a look at those. Before investing in this huge equipment, you must first survey any project along with your future developments should you could do with a stand portable mixer, or if getting a concrete mixer truck would help you more. Should you be certain that you might get big construction projects later on, then a a chance to invest is currently. In case you have scored a big project, you need to show your client that you have all the necessary equipment you need. This would favor you in word-of-mouth recommendation. But if you do not get the ways to invest yet, why not search for rentals first? Explore your choices before making a choice.

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