A self-loading concrete mixer truck is the type of mobile mixer that will achieve loading, weighing, conveying and discharging all in one compact unit. The most significant advantage is the great saving on production costs. It is actually suitable for small-scale engineering projects for a limited time for example bridge construction, road construction, electrical power engineering and water conservancy projects. A self-loading concrete mixer successfully integrates materials mixing with conveying by loading raw materials, mixing, and conveying the ready mixed product into a construction site. There are several sizes of trucks offered by large to small to mini, along with trucks running on diesel, one among that will be ideal for your construction project.

A self-loading concrete mixer works in the self-falling mixing principle. Blades are radially located on the inner wall from the drum that lifts the materials into a certain height before falling freely by natural gravity. In this manner an effective mixing effect is achieved. The mixer is actually a compact structure having an independent water supply system that continuously delivers the right amount of water needed for the right mixture. During transportation on the construction site the drum keeps switching to stop the concrete from setting or freezing.

Great things about a Self-loading Concrete Mixer

-    Compact structure and straightforward mobility.

-    Time as well as cost saving.

-    High working efficiency with less energy consumption.

-    High mixing quality and short mixing time.

-    Fully automatic feeding, weighing, mixing and discharge in a single compact unit.

The most significant good thing about this machine is being able to feed aggregates by itself which greatly saves the cost of labor, land occupation, and equipment investigation. It not just fulfills the role of any concrete mixing plant and also that from a mobile self-loading truck that will convey ready-mixed concrete right to a construction site. If you need quality concrete, you can choose this twin shaft concrete mixer: http://aimixgroup.com/twin-shaft-concrete-mixer/.



This on-site, 4-wheel driven, self-loading, ready-mix concrete batching plant is widely used to the following applications:


Concrete is the greatest material for the construction of residential or industrial buildings because of its capacity to resist compressive force. For this reason, it is important to use only concrete that has been put via a rigorous mixing process and that is such a self-loading concrete mixer guarantees to provide to your building construction site.

Foundation and Ground Consolidation

Self-loading concrete mixers are fantastic for foundations, construction piling, and ground consolidation which are all operations that must be finished with high precision to make sure structural stability.

Mining and Tunnel Excavations

As a result of enormous flexibility of concrete and its particular highly resistant nature, it is essential for building load-bearing structures, canals, pavements, and ducts in highly complex activities like mining construction. It is additionally suitable for supporting tunnels that have been excavated in fragile rocks. Self-loading concrete mixers are fundamental for tackling probably the most difficult terrain so that you can reach tunnel construction areas.

Railway, Road and Bridge Construction

Concrete used in the building of pavements, roads, and bridges has a longer life and reduce maintenance than other materials and might be built on-site simply by using a self-loading concrete mixer which provides a mobile mini plant. The flexibility of concrete makes it highly resistant against major variations in temperatures and makes it applicable for the best futuristic bridge and road applications. If you need a convenient mixer, mobile concrete mixer will be your ideal choice, you can learn more here.

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