The basic purpose for a concrete pump is to use it to transfer liquid concrete via pumping.  To do this and ensure that the pump is suited to your construction project, it is important to note that the mixers are available in different machine sizes; however, the larger industrial mixers tend to be used for construction sites.  This is due to the fact that industrial concrete mixers with pumps are designed to feed concrete to construction areas quickly and effectively.  This article will discuss the two different types of concrete mixer with pump models - the boom pump and the line pump.

1.  The Boom Concrete Pump

There are typically two types of concrete mixing pumps to be used - the boom concrete pump and the line concrete pump.  The boom concrete pump is a large machine presenting with a boom arm to hold the length of runner tubing through which cement will flow to the required position on the construction site.  A boom concrete pump can pump concrete at approximately a vertical reach of 65 meters and a horizontal reach of 300 meters.  The length of the boom will determine how far away the truck will be placed and the distance whereby the concrete will need to be pumped.  The fact that the pump is placed far from the construction site makes the mixer useful for pouring concrete in high-rise or multi-storey construction sites.

When choosing a boom concrete pump, you will need to choose between the truck-mounted pump and the trailer-mounted pump.  You can learn more here about trailer concrete pump. The trailer-mounted boom concrete pump utilizes an articulating arm and places the boom in position to place cement where it is needed.  This type of pump is a high value for money alternative and can be used on the majority of larger construction projects as they are able to pump high volumes of cement.  They are also labor-saving options because of the placement of the boom to a specific location.


The truck-mounted pump is also cost-effective and more beneficial due to its plethora of boom lengths.  This type of concrete mixer presents with booms of different sizes and it is possible to purchase a mixer with a 3, 4 or 5-section placing boom.  This means that there is the option of a "z" fold, "multi" fold or "roll fold as part of the machinery making them easy to manoeuvre and adapt to even the most restrictive construction sites.  Some of these truck-mounted pumps, particularly those on the smaller concrete truck, are powered by their own engine making them highly economical.

2. The Concrete Line Pump

The concrete line pump is a type of concrete mixer that is used for smaller construction projects when compared to boom concrete pumps.  The line pump is more beneficial as a smaller piece of machinery because it is versatile, mobile, and can be used to pump both structural and wet items.  The line pump typically uses a ball-and-valve pumping system with low-volume output; thereby, it pumps lower volumes than boom concrete pumps and is useful in residential building projects. AIMIX GROUP is a professional concrete machine supplier, you can have a look.

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