Simple intro of concrete batching plant improvement historical past
Concrete mixing plant is more and more popular in the large-scale concrete production. However, do you know the origin of it? Do you know which manufacturer is the most representative? In Henan, this company has been the top in the concrete machines: 

The very first concrete mixing equipment appeared as being a single machine. Afterwards, with the development of concrete and raising specifications for concrete, different kinds of concrete mixing gadget with measurement devices were actually developed. Germany established the world's first concrete mixing plant in 1903, combined with america in 1913, France in 1933. China created its first concrete batching plant in 1949. From 1960s to 70s, business concrete designed quickest. Also, concrete mixing equipment produced fastest during this time.
Considering that the 1950s, China has begun to formulate concrete mixing plant, mostly for h2o conservancy tasks. From mid-70s, Chinese suppliers began to generate small concrete plants, mostly for civil and industrial jobs construction. Following 1980s, concrete mixing technology has created swiftly in Asia. So, far, environment friendly concrete mixing plants have been launched in the market.
Actually, the hot type of concrete batch plant is ready mix concrete machine, have a look. 
Advancement tendency of concrete batching plants
Using international and domestic growth and development of concrete mixing plants in recent years into mind, we can summarize the growth pattern of mixing plants the following:
(1) Business concrete production line and frequent construction primarily use concrete batching plant since the mixing product; when big-scale construction projects use both mixing station and mixing plant.
(2) With the mature of concrete mixing modern technology, establishments basically used to create concrete are remarkably reliable.
(3) To guarantee the productivity and quality of concrete mixing equipment, auxiliary equipment for example sand moisture content analyzer, concrete persistence cement and tester silo steady levels gauge designed swiftly.
(4) Environment indications have become more and more stressful, which include sound and dust removal, residual concrete trying to recycle and squander-normal water remedy and reuse.
Also, after the concrete is produced, how to transport them to the construction site? Electric trailer concrete pump is your ideal choice.  
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