The excellent performance of ready mix concrete batching plant: the twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer has strong mixing potential, can produce top quality concrete and it has substantial generation performance. The twin shaft required concrete mixer carries a excellent outcome to mix the free of moisture hard concrete, 50 % dried out hard concrete, plastic-type material concrete and concrete of varied dimensions. The lubrication system as well as the principal shaft transmitting embrace an entire set of brought in component. According to the requirements the opening of the discharging door of the hydraulic door mechanism can be adjusted. The mixing shaft of your mixing gaming console embrace the contra--adhesion modern technology, which could successfully prevent the cement from solidifying around the mixing shaft:


Eliminate cement agglomeration

The shaft finish sealing adopts a number of securing framework, that may efficiently prevent the mortar loss and be sure the constant procedure in the whole mixing system. The washing system adopts the high pressure water pump motor and may be operated manually and automatically. Water wall socket lives within the primary shaft, which increases the mixing performance, boosts the water mist, reduces the dust particles contamination and properly eliminates the cement agglomeration.

Environmental friendly performance

The enviromentally friendly performance of ready mix concrete batching plant: as for all the powder materials, from the feeding, charging, measuring and batching to the mixing and discharging, all is done in the closed condition. The dust exhaust pipes of cement metering bin and take flight ash metering bin are associated with the airborne dirt and dust collector. The aggregate filler comes with the dust particles amount of resistance board, which may lessen the dirt pollutants. The completely enclosed mixing building and belt conveyor greatly reduce the dust and noise toxins.


The reputable overall performance of ready mix plant for sale: the mixing shaft implement the high chromium and high manganese alloy proof materials along with the shaft ending sealing adopts the unique multiple securing framework, that may tremendously improve the dependable overall performance from the mixing unit. The engagement ring buckle important joints implement treating sticky, which may extend the support lifestyle.

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