There are various kinds of concrete batch plants, so there are many ways to classify concrete batching plants. Here we will classify them by mobility and technical method. What’s more, this is a link of a concrete machine manufacturer for your selection:

By mobility

They can be divided into three categories, according to mobility: mobile type, demolition type, stationary type.HZS180 concrete mixing plant 

1.Mobile concrete batching plantGenerally, it is made with a jogging gadget. So, it’s convenient to move onsite. Mobile variety concrete plants mostly are employed in construction jobs which may have a need for freedom. For road, example and bridge construction. Learn more.

2.Demolition concrete batching plantCompared with stationary concrete mixing plant, this kind plant features a particular characteristic: when transferring between websites, huge spare parts must be disassembled for transport. So, drag-line mixing plants, belt conveyor concrete plants used in our country belong to this type. They may be applied in business concrete factory, large and middle size concrete assignments.
3.Stationary concrete mixing plantIt refers to the mixing equipment that is hard to dismantle, it is actually commonly used in ready-blended concrete manufacturer, pre-cast concrete manufacturer and big-size concrete projects.
By technical method
The standard section is a move sort as well as two steps variety. A step type is referred to as concrete mixing creating although two actions variety is named concrete mixing plant. In certain functions, one step concrete plant is also called a vertical or tower mixing equipment, two techniques plant is known as side to side mixing equipment.


Besides, the above two common classification methods, concrete batching plants also can be classified in other ways. Concrete plants can be classified into dry batch concrete plant and wet mix concrete batch plant, according to whether to add water or not during mixing process. They can be divided into continuous mixing plant and intermittent mixing plant, according to the feed continuity of concrete mixer in mixing plants.


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