With the years’ development, aimix group has been the top of construction machine field. This is the company website: aimixgroup.com. Its main products are concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, concrete pump, tower crane and so on, this page will give you a brief introduction about the compositions of the plant.

The concrete batching plant is definitely the developing supplies producing equipment which can be mainly made from mixing console, fabric considering system, materials promoting system, fabric storage space system, management system as well as other ancillary amenities.

Along with the main doing work basic principle of concrete batching plant is to apply the cement as being the cementing substance to mix the lime and sand, coal cinder along with other materials and lastly make the concrete which can be charged as the supplies for wall to place in to the construction of manufacturing.

Because the concrete mixing plant are dedicated to use, the construction substance sector in China continues to be actively playing a huge role. Of course, it is additionally decided with the exceptional attributes of the concrete batching plant itself.


Concrete batching plant is mainly labeled into pea gravel giving, natural powder feeding, additives and water providing, and transmission mixing and storing. The entire physique of your concrete batching plant adopts overall metal throwing.

High quality H steel not only has an elegant appearance, but also increases the strength of the whole structure of the concrete batching plant. The equipment is easy to put in and works extremely well in a variety of complex ground construction.

The concrete mixing plant has great mixing functionality. Usually, the concrete batching plant equipment adopts twin shaft mandatory concrete mixer, which includes strong mixing function and can have a great mixing influence on mixing dried up tough concrete, plastic-type concrete and concrete of various proportions. Along with the mixing has attributes of consistent and effectiveness. And twin shaft mixer is an idealized selection of the mixing engine.


As well as the good quality mixing console, the concrete batching plant is additionally designed with numerous advanced add-ons, such as the attach conveyor, metering detector, pneumatic elements, and many others.

These elements can guarantee the great stability within the running technique of concrete mixing plant and the correct dimension talent can extend the assistance lifetime of the concrete mixing plant.

At the same time, there is absolutely no walking board and seizure step ladder on each servicing part of concrete mixing plant and also the equipment has enough functioning place.

The mixing gaming system is equipped with high-pressure automated washing system has got the purpose of automatic scary of gas lack and heat, which happens to be easy to sustain. The concrete batching plant has excellent ecological defense performance.

During the operation of concrete mixing plant, the natural powder manipulation is within the closed system, that may greatly reduce the powder pollution. Along with the silencing product can efficient reduce the noises contamination.

If you want to learn more details about the batch plant, you can hit here.

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